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In Michigan, there is a plant that reinvents the rules of how to create a factory.

Ford’s new Michigan Assembly Plant features a 3-mile long, 5 million-square-f00t assembly line with 908 robots and employs 5,170 workers. Following its $550 million transformation, the Michigan Assembly Plant produces gasoline powered, electric, hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles all on the same production line.

Want to see what it looks like from the inside? You can get a glimpse at the Smart Manufacturing Summit in Dearborn, Michigan, from May 21-22.

The conference will give manufacturing CEOs who attend a peek into 2012 Assembly Plant of the Year from Assembly Magazine. Ford has reinvented the modern factory with the help of the IT revolution, and they are in turn showing others how to leverage new technologies, processes and employee partnerships to improve quality, efficiency and flexibility in your company to innovate and beat the competition.

That’s just one aspect of the conference, which also features speakers from Ford Motor Company, Ethan Allen Interiors, Rockwell Automation and much more.

To see the full agenda and sign up now, visit the Smart Manufacturing Summit website.