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Will your city be home to the next hub of manufacturing innovation?

Earlier this month, President Obama announced competitions to create three manufacturing innovation institutes, with a federal commitment of $200 million to create build in the areas of Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation, Lightweight and Modern Metals Manufacturing, and the Next Generation Power Electronics Manufacturing.

The three institutes will be selected through an open, competitive process, led by the Departments of Energy and Defense, with review from a multi-agency team of technical experts, according to a White House releaseWinning teams will be selected and announced later this year. 

The institutes are intended to build off the initial success of a pilot institute headquartered in Youngstown, Ohio, and the president stated that he will call on Congress for a one-time $1 billion investment to create a network of 15 manufacturing innovation institutes across the country.

For more background, watch President Obama’s remarks at Applied Materials, one of the high-tech companies that has helped make Austin, TX a hub for innovation and job creation.

Would you like to see intelligent technology move into your city?