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In the past, you knew if something went really wrong at your business if you got a call on your cell phone. Especially if it was on the weekend or middle of the night. You’d then wake up or drop what you’re doing, rush to the office or factory, and put out the fire.

Now, that whole process is changing.

The Wall Street Journal sentinel recently wrote an article about smart manufacturing, and described how an engineer received a text message from the factory itself warning of a potential problem. He was then able to see in real time and fix the problem on an iPad without leaving his house.

But this technology innovation isn’t just about convenience.

“Welcome to the New Industrial Revolution—a wave of technologies and ideas that are creating a computer-driven manufacturing environment that bears little resemblance to the gritty and grimy shop floors of the past,” writes John Koten. “The revolution threatens to shatter long-standing business models, upend global trade patterns and revive American industry.”

Read can read the article here about how manufacturing is entering an era much like the early days of computing – an era that’s reinventing entire industries.

Image from the Wall Street Journal