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Where: Making America Great Again With Midsize Manufacturers!

WANTED: If you know a CEO who has a big step-change idea, and a profitable business plan that’s shovel-ready to scale up  and construct a brand new Smart Manufacturing plant — if they could get long-term, zero interest, billion dollar level financing — we’ve got writers ready to publish their story to help convince Congress to consider this better plan below. See the “Butch Johnson” story in the Trump blog for an example:

U.S. Manufacturing Stimulus Plan To Construct 2,000+ New Factories And Create 16 Million Jobs With $2+ Trillion From Repatriated Corporate Cash

A new U.S. economic stimulus proposal uses the entire $2+ Trillion in repatriated corporate wealth to construct 2,000+ smart new factories – versus Congress’s much smaller Ryan-Schumer Infrastructure plan that only uses $400 billion from that same repatriated corporate wealth to fix the nation’s roads and bridges.

Here’s several very interesting differences between the two plans:

Economic studies show that the higher jobs multiplier from 2,000+ smart manufacturing plants will create more than 16 million long-term jobs required to operate as well as supply, service and support them for at least 20 years —  versus the two million short-term jobs fixing the nation’s roads and bridges for a few years.

The $2+ trillion new factories plan is obviously five times bigger and thus will provide more economic stimulus —  versus Congress’s $400 billion Infrastructure plan. Ryan and Schumer expect after-tax wealth will trickle down into the economy following Reaganomics. However, after Corporations funnel wealth to Wall Street investors via dividends and stock buybacks, there’s no guarantee it’ll trickle down or if so how slowly.

Private manufacturers would construct these new factories ten times faster — versus the time it takes for public governments, federal, state and local, to construct new roads and bridges.

Tax-free USA Industrial Bonds are anticipated to repatriate a higher percentage of the $2 trillion to $3 trillion in corporate wealth stranded overseas ——  versus a still high 20 percent tax rate expected in the Congressional deal.

Lastly, Obama and democrats just spent nearly $1 trillion on Infrastructure projects to fix roads & bridges with their stimulus package in 2009.  ——  versus zero stimulus for the U.S. industrial sector during the great recession, especially for the midsize manufacturers that this plan primarily targets.

The more interesting fact: this new proposal did not originate on Capitol Hill or even in Washington D.C., but instead out in the middle of America in Wisconsin by a revolutionary smart manufacturing leader.

John Bernaden, who first coined the term Smart Manufacturing at a National Press Club event on Sept 9, 2009, unveiled today this  HUGE $2+ trillion U.S. Manufacturing Stimulus Package with no cost to taxpayers.     Tax-free USA Industrial Bonds will offer unprecedented no interest, 20-year loans to proven midsize manufacturers who have shovel ready projects and profitable business plans to construct smart new factories and create 16 million long-term jobs.

Bernaden said other nations have long-term policies and long-range programs to more smartly support their manufacturers at home and abroad, pointing to a “Policy Makers Guide to Smart Manufacturing” published last week by the Information Technology and Information Foundation ( ), a Washington DC think-tank.  That report provides a comprehensive summary of the long-term Smart Manufacturing policies and long-range programs established by other governments worldwide, most notably by China, Germany, Japan and Korea.

“We need new leadership with a long-term vision to create and construct a new era of highly-automated, IT-driven, super-productive, Smart plants and factories to smartly make America’s manufacturing great again,” Bernaden said.


John A. Bernaden
Smart Manufacturing Expert