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Manufacturing Jobs Are Never Coming Back: Reich

Maybe Trump doesn’t understand that a smart new factory with literally zero workers creates more America jobs and economic growth than a 100-year-old dumb factory with 1,000 workers? It is counter-intuitive. Trump’s been brainwashed by this old economic myth started by Democratic intellectuals like Robert Reich, former Secretary of Labor for President Clinton, who’s still a popular TV personality. Reich wrote this Forbes article (below) seven years ago in 2009!!!

Trump $Trillions To Stimulate US Manufacturing or Wall Street?

Will President-elect Trump invest $2 trillion to $3 trillion in a Trump-size economic stimulus plan to pump up U.S. manufacturers or allow a fast-track Corporate Tax Reform plan speeding through Congress invest $300 billion to $450 billion of repatriated corporate wealth in a new Infrastructure plan to fix the nation’s roads and bridges. However, Congress’s plan would also then fast-track the remaining $2 trillion to $2,5 trillion to make Wall Street fast money men richer with this massive tsunami of wealth that they can then use to restructure and destroy what’s left of America’s midsize manufacturers?

Factories To Grow Smarter; But… they’re still dumb

The aim is to make factories more productive, less costly to operate and more reliable. Here’s a paradox of America’s highly automated, increasingly labor-independent manufacturing: While sophisticated, for the most part, it isn’t all that high-tech. I’d thought, based on all the industry chatter about the “industrial internet,” that we were pretty far along in this process. But that turns out not to be the case.

Harley-Davidson Leader hosts Smart Manufacturing CEO Summit

CEOs meet at Chief Executive’s 4th annual Smart Manufacturing Summit, on April 6-7 2016, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to discuss key strategies, tactics and opportunities in 21st Century manufacturing revolution.

Smart Mfg Could Even Revive U.S. Clothing Industry

IF "Automation is King!" -- robotic sewing machines could bring back the "Made in the USA" label on our clothing.  That sounds like a nice theory,...

Smart Manufacturing transforms traditional factories from cost centers into profit centers that progressive businesses will strategically invest in to increase sales.

Traditional factories are cost centers.  They make more and more stuff – while increasingly cutting costs.  Consumers love buying all this affordable stuff.  But to keep up with their demands, businesses have had to lean production to bare bones.  Some relocated to lower cost regions, and others even totally outsourced their production capabilities.

A new era of 21st century Smart Manufacturing will optimize plants and supply networks by starting to transform them into profit centers.  Progressive businesses have already begun gathering information and manufacturing intelligence by investing in highly automated and IT-driven production.  This manufacturing intelligence enables the factory floor to become a profitable innovation center. 

Early adopters foresee a smart manufacturing model flexible enough to respond to global consumer demand and bring to life innovations such as the electric-powered car or other game-changers.  Flexible factories can be more quickly reprogrammed to provide faster time to market today and the next generation of mass customization.  Smart manufacturing marries information, technology, and human ingenuity to bring about a rapid revolution in the development and application of manufacturing intelligence to every aspect of business.  It will fundamentally change how products are invented, manufactured, shipped and sold. It will improve worker safety and protect the environment by making zero emissions, zero-incident manufacturing possible.  It will also enable an interconnected, efficient global industrial ecosystem.

This website is dedicated to taking you on the manufacturing industry’s transformational journey as smarter processes and sustainable practices deliver greater efficiency and excitement – whether you are a consumer who wants better stuff, a manufacturer who wants to learn how to make more money, or a talented individual who wants a great 21st-century career.  You’re in the right place!

Rethinking robots

There's something in science fiction and pop culture that fears robots. And now a survey confirms many are afraid of robots that make automated, modern factories possible. According to a recently survey covered in the Wall Street Journal, nearly two-thirds of...