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Why: America Feeds & Supplies The World

Imagine a manufacturing plant that mass customizes made-to-order products versus traditional factories today that mass produce the same product. Imagine a global manufacturing ecosystem where suppliers seamlessly network together to create virtual factories versus very vertically integrated industrial complexes today. Imagine a manufacturing environment that has zero impact on the planet and no safety accidents. The end result would be more affordable, better quality stuff for a growing middle class of consumers.

Smart people are working to make this dream a reality because there’s a growing need, and new technologies are rapidly making it possible The global middle class will double to be roughly 40 percent of the world’s population, and will have $8 trillion in consumer spending power by the end of the decade, according to a McKinsey report on global forces. This will accelerate consumer demand for cars, packaged foods, and personal care products in places like China, India and Latin America. The next generation of 21st century, highly-automated and IT-driven factories are ideally suited to handle this related surge in consumer products manufacturing.

Look for stories in our blogs about this IT revolution in the factory.  Stories about the Captains of Industry today leading us through the turbulent times of this IT-driven industrial revolution. Stories about past industrial revolutionaries so that we learn lessons from their mistakes lest we repeat them like we’re already doing.  Stories about current and future U.S. government leaders strategizing bold policies and big programs for ever smarter factories in America.